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Our Favorite Products

Lifestyle essentials...

Prima bath gems

Prima- premium hemp products for wellness

Prima’s bath gems are one of a kind and such a treat. I love using bath gems during a detox, as a spa day at home or in a relaxing soak after a strenuous hike. Truly the best bath soak for total body recovery. Prima offers beautiful body oils and so much more.

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a curated collection of clean beauty favorites

Clean Beauty Favorites

My clean beauty favorites: a collection of products that I use and love. I try to keep my self care routine as simple as possible and use as few products as possible. These are the products that make the cut.

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a curated collection of home favorites

My Home Favorites

A curated collection of some of my favorite home decor and tableware items.

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Lumen device in a black box


Lumen tells me how to adjust my nutrition plan based on my body’s actual needs.

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Beth Bollinger with Levels CGM

Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor

Levels provides real-time feedback on how your diet and lifestyle choices impact your metabolic health through biosensors like continuous glucose monitors. Metabolism is life. Your metabolic health regulates your sleep, appetite, weight, and energy levels. Levels helps you optimize it all so you can live a longer, fuller, healthier life.

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Oura ring

The Oura Ring monitors your heart rate around the clock, giving you the insights you need to make the most out of your days and nights.

Get $40 off!

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Some of our favorite ingredients...

Sound Sparkling flavor pack

Sound Sparkling

At Sound, we’re on a mission to inspire healthier, happier communities by making it easier (and more fun!) to drink less sugar. No sweeteners and only organic ingredients means brighter bubbles for a brighter you. Because when we take care of ourselves, we feel our best – and who knows what can happen from there.

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4 bowls of granola

Witzi’s Raw Granola

Organic, delicious raw granola. Made in small batches by first soaking and dehydrating the nuts and seeds. The first truly clean, healthy granola I have found.

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Lobster Anywhere

LobsterAnywhere is your trusted source for the best Maine lobster delivery to your front door, overnight, guaranteed. Get your Maine Lobster fix in less than 24h* anywhere in the USA.

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ceremonial matcha powder from Matchabar

Ceremonial Matcha Powder

Matchabar ceremonial grade matcha is family-farmed in Kagoshima, Japan. Our matcha is shade grown, forcing the tea plant to produce extra nutrients. On average, our matcha has 10x the antioxidants normally found in loose leaf green tea. 

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Thrive Market

Shop 6,000+ wholesome products curated just for members, get recurring deliveries on a schedule personalized to you and easily add or remove items, skip a delivery, or pause anytime

Get 40% off your first order!

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Mt Capra goat whey protein

Goat Whey Protein

This clean goat whey contains the highest levels of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) found in any natural food source. Quickly metabolized for maximum nutritional effect. Has a higher biological value than any other known food source including bovine (cow) whey protein. The most digestible whey protein on the planet! Contains completely all-natural ingredients.

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8 Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bars

Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen has made a commitment to replacing weird, industrial ingredients with simple, healthier ones. Enjoy 15% off all Hu kitchen real food items.

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4 bottles of Gold Ridge Farms olive oil

Goldridge Organic Farms Olive Oil

Gold Ridge Farms is near my home in Sonoma County and I use their delicious, high polyphenol, high antioxidant olive oil every day. We use it so fast that I buy the gallon size!

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baking ingredients on dark background

All of my Amazon Favorites in one Place

Find all of my amazon favorites in one place! From ingredients to kitchen gadgets to food storage and appliances. The things I own and use and love all in one place!

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Olipop Vintage Cola


If you haven’t tried Olipop yet, you are in for a treat! Finally a tasty soda you can feel good about drinking and giving to your kids! Blood sugar friendly with just 2-5 grams of added sweetener compared to a tradition soda that has a whopping 40-60 grams of added sugar.

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Cure electrolytes multi pack

Cure electrolytes

Unlike the sugary, fluorescent-blue sports drinks from your past, Cure’s Hydrating Electrolyte Mix was formulated for effective hydration without all the junk. Our plant-based formula has 4x the electrolytes of leading sports drinks and is made with real ingredients like coconut water and pink Himalayan salt. No added sugar or anything artificial, just natural fruit flavors you’ll love to drink.

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Miracle Noodles

I love using Miracle Noodles in both warm and cold dishes. They are just as good in place of traditional pasta (as in my Clams and Chorizo with Miracle Noodles) as they are in a cold salad like my Spring Roll Salad. I always choose the angel hair variety but try them all and discover your favorite!

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photo of 10 meals on plates on dark background

Cook Unity

Prepared meals for anyone wanting to eat healthy but short on time. CookUnity meals are perfect for when my husband and I have a date night but want our kids at home to eat well. Or for those days when we have lacrosse practice and boy scouts in the same evening. Everything arrives perfectly prepared and the packaging is recyclable.

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bowl of lupin pasta topped with red sauce and cheese

Eat Chef’s Kiss lupini pasta

Low carb, protein rich, and gut friendly. It’s packed with nutrients, fits a wide range of diets, and is made from the game-changing lupin bean. It’s pasta… perfected!

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Some of our favorite books...

my favorite health and wellness books

My Favorite Health and Wellness Books

Whether you are just beginning your health journey or you are a seasoned wellness warrior, you will find something to learn in each of these books.

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Supplements we trust...

supplements spilling out of clear glass bottle on blue background


Access your practitioner’s advice, healthcare’s best supplements and wellness products, plus tools for healthy habits — from anywhere. Practitioner grade supplements, collagen and protein delivered right to your door.

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My Favorite Detox

In our modern world, we come in contact with thousands of chemicals, toxins and pollutants on a daily basis. As they accumulate in our body, they can have a number of adverse effects on our health — from weight gain and fatigue to brain fog, bloating and more.

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Digestive enzymes

A healthy diet means enjoying a diverse range of fresh produce, protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates. Yet often, many people suffer from food intolerances and sensitivities that make digesting certain foods challenging.

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Our kitchen favorites...

Dropps dishwasher detergent


I love using Dropps unscented dishwasher detergent and I like knowing they pass the EWG’s strict standards for safety. Dropps dishwasher detergent pods cut through grease and stuck-on food using natural, mineral-based ingredients.

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a collection of my kitchen favorites

My Kitchen Favorites

My kitchen favorites that I use day in and day out. Workhorses of the kitchen that make providing real food meals for my family just a little bit easier.

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several meals displayed on a countertop


Breville makes some of my favorite kitchen tools. I own and love the following products that make cooking and baking and providing my large family with homemade meals so much easier. Breville Joule Oven/Air Fryer Joule Sous Vide Breville Immersion Blender Control Freak Breville Waffle Iron

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Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Tell your barista they won’t be seeing you for a while—now you can make cafe-quality nitro cold brew right from your own kitchen. This brewer-slash-dispenser makes it easy: fill the bag with coffee grounds, add cold, filtered water, and refrigerate overnight.

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Tea Spot Steepware tea tumbler

There’s nothing like a good story shared over a soothing cup of tea, and the family legend that inspired The Tea Spot is no exception. When founder Maria Uspenski’s grandmother fled worn-torn Russia, she escaped with her beloved samovar, a cast iron water heater used for making tea.

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set of 3 linen kitchen towels

Paris Laundry

Paris Laundry is more than an online shopping destination, it’s a lifestyle! Natural is the modern choice from wellness to inspired living. We believe in real products with plant-powered ingredients, to help create an elevated lifestyle.

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