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Lumen device in a black box

I have been using Lumen for nearly a year and it has helped me to increase my metabolic flexibility by letting me know when my body is in fat burn and when my body is ready for carbs. Lumen tells me how to adjust my nutrition plan based on my body’s actual needs. If you would like to give Lumen a try, enjoy $50 off by using code BETHB

Your metabolism can be improved, just like your body gets stronger and fitter from working out. Improving your metabolic efficiency leads to:


Natural Weight Loss

Lumen helps improve your metabolic flexibility which
allows you to lose weight in a sustainable way.


Less Snacking

Lumen helps you improve your body’s ability to burn fat which decreases your hunger levels and makes your body less dependent on snacking.


Energy & Mood Boost

Increase your energy levels by developing a high functioning metabolism.


Improved Overall Health

Lumen helps you improve your metabolic flexibility, your bodies efficiency in shifting between using fats and carbs


Enhanced Weight Maintenance

Developing a flexible metabolism allows your body to maintain a healthy weight by optimizing the body’s ability to burn fat.

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