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Eat Chef’s Kiss lupini pasta

bowl of lupin pasta topped with red sauce and cheese
Pasta, Perfected.

Low carb, protein rich, and gut friendly. It’s packed with nutrients, fits a wide range of diets, and is made from the game-changing lupin bean. It’s pasta… perfected!

“Lupin is a nutrient-dense legume related to chickpeas and lentils.  Our lupin beans undergo a proprietary and natural debittering process, leaving a more neutral, almost sweet, taste when compared to other lupin products. Through an exclusive partnership, we source our lupin directly from the Australian farmers who harvest our secret ingredient. This ensures that we’re providing our customers with the highest quality, best tasting, most nutritious lupin on the planet!”

20 grams of protein per serving and just 1 net carb makes this an excellent source of protein for vegan and non-vegans alike. Blood sugar friendly pasta that is as close to “real” pasta as you can get.

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