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Goldridge Organic Farms Olive Oil

4 bottles of Gold Ridge Farms olive oil

Gold Ridge Farms is near my home in Sonoma County and I use their delicious, high polyphenol, high antioxidant olive oil every day. We use it so fast that I buy the gallon size!

Their story:

“Our 70-acre olive orchard has approximately 13,000 trees and includes a diverse selection of Italian, Spanish, and French cultivars. The olives are harvested and then crafted into small lots of olive oil at the farm within hours of harvest at our onsite mill. The resulting oils are fresh, delicious, and high in antioxidants. All four blends are certified Extra Virgin annually by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC).” Find Goldridge Farm olive oil on this list of the World’s Best Olive Oils.

  • The Tuscan Blend
    Mostly Frantoio and Leccino olives with small amounts of Maurino and Pendolino olives.
  • Minerva Blend
    Our second Tuscan blend comprised of Minerva, Frantoio, and Maurino olives with a touch of Cerasoula, and Ladoeli.
  • Picholine Blend
    Made from French olive cultivars: Picholine, Aglandau, Bouteillian, Solonenque, Grossane, and Cayon.
  • Arbequina Blend
    Primarily Spanish Arbequina olives, combined with Empeltre, Leccin de Seville, Hojiblanca, Picual, and Manzanilla.
  • Meyer Lemon & Mandarin Kumquat Olive Oils
    Using traditional methods, our fresh orchard citrus fruit is co-milled with Estate grown Arbequina Blend olives, resulting in bright, flavorful olive oils.
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