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Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor

Beth Bollinger with Levels CGM

Levels provides real-time feedback on how your diet and lifestyle choices impact your metabolic health through biosensors like continuous glucose monitors. Your metabolic health regulates your sleep, appetite, weight, and energy levels. Levels helps you optimize it all so you can live a longer, fuller, healthier life.

Using a continuous glucose monitor has been the single most impactful device Dr. B and I have used over the past couple of years to improve our metabolic health. My using a CGM and making changes to improve his blood sugar, we were able to reverse the path to diabetes that Dr. B was on. By packing his lunch instead of eating hospital food, and finding ways to reduce stress, Dr. B now has normal and stable blood sugar the majority of the time.

If you are curious about trying a CGM for yourself, check out Levels today and get 2 months free!

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