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Olipop Vintage Cola

If you haven’t tried Olipop yet, you are in for a treat! Finally a tasty soda you can feel good about drinking and giving to your kids! Blood sugar friendly with just 2-5 grams of added sweetener compared to a tradition soda that has a whopping 40-60 grams of added sugar. Use code SODALOVE for 15% off

There’s a new soda on the scene and it’s here to help support your digestive health. It’s called prebiotic soda and it’s packed with gut-supporting prebiotic fiber. But what exactly makes prebiotic fiber so special? And are these sodas as good for you as they say?

What Is Prebiotic Soda?

Prebiotic soda is a soda alternative packed with prebiotic fiber to support your gut. By adding nutritious, high-fiber ingredients, prebiotic soda joins the soda aisle as a healthier, gut-friendly option for soda drinkers.

Prebiotic Soda vs. Regular Soda

Just like regular soda, prebiotic soda features a delicious taste and bubbly soda experience once you pop open the can. Yet a quick look at the back ingredient label highlights just how different it is from a regular can of soda.

Fewer Sugar Calories

Many prebiotic sodas contain far fewer sugar calories than a standard can of soda. OLIPOP, a prebiotic soda, contains 2-5 g of sugar while the leading soda brands contain anywhere from 39 to 45 g of added sugar.

Better-for-you Ingredients

Prebiotic sodas also contain more natural vs artificial ingredients like natural vanilla or caramel flavoring and real fruit juice that help make them a healthier choice.

Instead of the high fructose corn syrup you’ll find in a regular soda, prebiotic sodas like OLIPOP use natural flavors instead, like cassava root syrup and stevia leaf. These ingredients provide the soda-sweet flavor you know and love (without all that extra sugar).

Packed With Prebiotics

As the name suggests, prebiotic soda contains a special kind of fiber called “prebiotics” that you won’t find in a regular can of soda. Nutritious, high-fiber ingredients like kudzu root extract, chicory root inulin, and Jerusalem artichoke inulin provide a great source of prebiotic fiber, helping support digestive health.What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. When you eat (or drink!) prebiotic fiber, it passes through undigested to your lower digestive tract where it quickly becomes a food source for those trillions of bacteria living in your gut.2

my glucose response from Olipop Rootbeer

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