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zucchini, feta and eggs in a skillet

15 Blood Sugar Friendly Breakfast Recipes

If you have pre-diabetes, diabetes, PCOS or if you are just eating for metabolic health, you typically need to manage your blood sugar levels, which includes managing how many carbs you consume.

Making a nutritious, tasty, and filling breakfast that is also blood sugar friendly doesn’t have to be difficult! While many popular breakfast options contain a lot of carbs, a savory breakfast will always be better for blood sugar balance.

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plate with colorful salad and peanut dressing

28 Blood Sugar Friendly Recipes

A collection of 28 blood sugar friendly recipes that contain a low level of net carbs, and are packed with plenty of protein to provide that stability factor for blood glucose. Ranging from snacks to full meals, you can count on these blood sugar-friendly recipes to keep your satiety and energy high.

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salmon and veggies and berries plate

Prioritizing Protein and Plants

Why Prioritizing Protein and Plants in Your Diet is Essential for Optimal Health and Well-Being Maintaining a balanced diet that prioritizes protein and plants can …

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photo of boxes and bows for christmas

Holiday Gift Guide 2022: the 77 best wellness gifts for health fans

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 the 77 best wellness gifts for health fans My holiday gift to you- a gift guide for the health conscious aficionado …

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gingerbread cookies

New 15 Low Carb Cookies and Sweets Recipes E-Cookbook

My new cookbook Cookies and Sweet Treats: downloadable cookbook is here! Just in time for the holiday season, I have created 15 low-carb cookies and …

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photo of an asparagus and mackerel salad, colorful red pepper and cauliflower

What can I do to fight collagen loss?

I get asked all the time, “what can I do to fight collagen loss?” The good news is that there is a lot you can …

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